Hobbs’s Farm Weekend

One weekend each year we head up north to Alliance, Ohio to my former college roommate’s parents’ farm to hang out and relax for a few days. It is a really good way for all of our University of Dayton friends to stay in touch and hang out with Hobbs’s local friends who have become our friends as well over the years. We drove down last Friday night with Lauren’s brother Justin and his Hungarian girlfriend Evelin who has never been to the farm.

Hobbs's Weekend 2018--3
The Lake

The first night was a relatively chill night –  as it was just us UD folks and our significant others for the night – which we spent catching up, drinking beer, and playing some beer pong before starting a fire and snacking on hot dogs for dinner and s’mores for dessert. One-by-one we drifted back to Hobbs’s parents’ house for bed until it was just me and Hobbs alone by the lakehouse until four in the morning, looking out over the farm as the full moon floated above the lake.

Hobbs's Weekend 2018-
The UD crew and their significant others

A few short hours later we awoke to the wonderful smell of French toast served up by our hosts and Hobbs’s parents, Fred and Becky (affectionately referred to as Frecky) who, besides being great hosts and the friendliest people you will ever meet, were gracious enough to host us despite it being their 39th anniversary! Our stomachs full, we thanked them and bade them farewell to enjoy their anniversary together as we spent our day at the lake.

For the next several hours we hung out on the lake in our various floatation devices, drinking beers and chatting about life. One-by-one the locals began to show up until we had about 20 people chilling out lakeside and enjoying our day in the sun.

Hobbs's Weekend 2018--2

After we dried off, I had what I thought at the time was the brilliant idea of organizing a game of two-hand touch football with 7 of the guys that were with us. The teams consisted of Justin and me with our buddies Sean and Tom (The Visitors) vs Hobbs, brothers Luke and Lance, and another local friend of Hobbs’s (The Townies). We jumped out to an early 3-1 lead off the back of Sean’s superior athleticism before the Townies came back to tie it up after a drive down the field and a subsequent pick 6 off a great quarterback read. After a QB change, we drove down the length of the field again before getting stopped on the goal line on 3rd down. Going for it on 4th down, I made a short hook route looking for the ball. I had visions of glory as I saw the ball coming low and hard toward me when out of nowhere a swarm of hands appeared and a crack echoed throughout the clearing. Lance and the other Townie had both attempted to intercept the ball at the same time, headbutting each other in the process. What had initially looked (and sounded) horrifying, turned out to a small cut on the forehead for one and a broken nose for the other with thankfully no fractured skulls, concussions, or any other type of long-term injuries. Thankfully, neither needed to go to a hospital and were able to recover fairly quickly with the help of a few beers with Lance ending up being a pivotal part in winning flip cup later that night.

Hobbs's Weekend 2018-8696

After the sun had set and we had our fill of hamburgers and mac and cheese, we partook in one of my favorite annual events of Hobbs’s weekend in the survival flip cup tournament. For the uninitiated, flip cup is a team game in which several teammates line up at a long table taking turns going down the line taking a swig of beer out of a solo cup then situating the cup on the side of the table and using one’s finger to flip the cup onto its top. The first team that has each member of the team complete this process wins. Flip cup at Hobbs’s farm is always an intense but extremely fun affair. With nine members on each team, we played survivor flip cup in which the losing team loses a player while the surviving players have to pick up their slack. Largely thanks to our MVP Lindsay, our team won, finally defeating Justin who tried valiantly yet ultimately failed to overcome the loss of his other 8 teammates and the combined skill of Lance, Kiley, Lauren, and Lindsay.

Hobbs's Weekend 2018-8692
Justin setting up for his last-ditch effort to survive
Hobbs's Weekend 2018-8695
The surviving members of the victorious team

The night continued on with those sober enough to drive leaving, those too tired (drunk) to stay up any longer going to bed, and those still wanting to party hanging out and having a good time until there were just a few of us left. We ended up doing a late night ride in the golf cart around the farm and doing some drunken shenanigans that are better left unrepeated, before parking it in the middle of the cornfield, just a few of us UD folks as we glanced up at the stars and reminisced on our good old college days. Finally, Hobbs and I finished off our fantastic day with some awful dancing to our theme song since our UD days, aptly titled “Drunk as a Skunk,” before we headed off to bed. We left early the next morning, tired and hungover but in great spirits.

Hobbs’s weekend is one of those events that Lauren and I look forward to going to each year and it never disappoints. We made so many great friends while at the University of Dayton and this weekend helps to maintain that bond that we created over our time at school. Besides that, we just have so much damn fun being there and being around Hobbs’s friends and I really hope throughout the years that we continue to keep this tradition alive.





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