About Us

My name is Michael Della Flora and my wife Lauren and I are from Columbus, Ohio. Though it is likely all my readers will know most of our story, I happen to be very proud of it so I think you should read it anyway:

Lauren and I first “dated” when we were in 5th grade. Despite the fact that we both hate being in the limelight, we met auditioning to be M.C.s for our 5th grade talent show. Though neither of us got the part it was obviously the start of something very special. We ended up “breaking up” at our 5th grade dance when she was too modest to dance with me and I proceeded to cry in the school bathroom. Flash-forward to 7th grade,  I resumed my wooing again and very long story short, we dated all the way through high school (with a minor hiccup or two), survived the college experience, and eventually got married 12 years later in a beautiful ceremony in our hometown.

Why we want to take part of this adventure and all the risks associated with it are varied and numerous. There is the obvious, broader reasons, things like not having debt, not having children and both of us loving to travel (obviously). On a personal level, I’ve always had this thought in the back of my head that humans were never meant to spend their lives behind desks slaving away for our corporate overlords. That’s the idealist in me I guess. I also know, however, that in this day and age, this is just not possible. The best compromise for this predicament for us was to spend as much time as you can really experiencing life, which for us is traveling. It’s so sad to me that 99% of people in the world spend the majority of their lives working in a cubicle saying things like “Same shit different day” and counting down the days until the weekend. Again, that’s my idealism talking.

Lauren, on the other hand is a realist. I often come up with harebrained schemes and ideas and Lauren is naturally the one that is holding my horses.  How can two people with such different ideologies on working end up doing this experience? Enter my trump card! Babies! It’s a simple deal; I want to wait for mini-tyrants for a few more years, she wants them earlier, so I move my time frame up, and she goes with me on my harebrained adventure! Dirty? Maybe. It worked though, right?